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The Unigon Trilogy

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Ariana leads a quiet life with her Granddad. When she finds a mysterious box in the old woodshed, she discovers there is more to Granddad, and the box, than meets the eye.

The Unigon box is a dangerous thing, a mysterious item best to be forgotten, and needs to be buried as deep as it can go. While Ariana and Granddad bury the box, Billy, the boy next door, watches them. Billy is a curious boy, and it doesn’t take long before Ariana finds him holding an open Unigon box. The box whirls a screaming Ariana and Billy to an island populated with Unigons, strange creatures that are part unicorn, part dragon. With an attitude to match!

Billy and Ariana lose the box, and they learn they can’t return home without it. Things take a turn for the worst when they encounter the infamous red Unigons. Red Unigons are wild, unpredictable and they hate humans. The race is on to find the box and save the world. It is a race which leads to treacherous places. Places filled with caves, lush jungles, and scorching deserts. Who will own the box, human or Unigon?

Unigon Trilogy
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