Life Through A Rose

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Two men. Twisted jealousy. He that is jealous is not in love.

Tara hates her job. An accomplished software developer, she finally realizes an office is not the place for her. She is single, just turned thirty, and wants to achieve more in life.

When Tara buys a local business, all her dreams come true. It is hard work. Tara needs to learn quickly and rely on her courage for the business to thrive. Lucky for Tara, her outspoken aunt Jean is there to lend a hand and offer unsolicited advice.

When two men enter her life, Tara's happiness is complete. She enjoys Eugene's company, but also Aaron's. All is not as it seems, though. One man destroys Tara's dream. The other saves it. Tara needs to choose the right one.

Discover a charming story of laughter, tears and tension.


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