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Life Through A Rose

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“Highly recommended to lovers of flowers, readers of women’s fiction, and sweet and clean romance stories.” - GoodReads Fan

Two men. Only one is a friend.

Tara is unhappy with life. She just turned thirty, hates her office job, and yearns to make something of her future.

When a flower shop down the road goes up for sale, Tara quits her job and buys it. Running a business is a huge challenge for Tara, but her outspoken Aunt Jean is there to give a hand. Tara starts to enjoy life again, even more so when two men demand her attention.

But one of these two men is the enemy, determined to destroy Tara’s new way of life. Who is friend, and who is foe?

This book promises the reader a bit of everything: laughter, clean romance, drama and unexpected twists and turns. Easy to read, hard to put down.

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